Guide to the Year-Round Event (YRE)

Some year-round events can be walked almost every day of the year, though sometimes they are closed during holidays.

The AVA publication "Starting Point" is an excellent reference to all of the YREs throughout the country, as is the AVA website (

These walks usually start at a convenience store or park. The people who work there should be familiar at least with the location of the "Walk Box," though they might not be familiar with any details about volksmarching.

Once you've located the box, you should find self-explanatory instructions.  Basically you will want to sign into the registration log and obtain a start number. Then you will find the start cards, fill them out and include your start number from the log. Get a map and/or turn-by-turn directions. Then return the box from where it came and you're off.

Wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. Fanny packs or backpacks filled with essentials for the weather are smart. It's a good idea to have your own water bottle, even though water is provided at the start/finish and at checkpoints along the way.  Use sunblock as needed.  Bring some form of personal identification, and perhaps some cash, a credit card, mobile phone (a smartphone with GPS application is handy), and stubby pencil for answering checkpoint questions.

After following the trail, you will need to get the box again, return your start card annotated with whatever checkpoint information was requested during the walk, pay the $3.00 fee for credit (if applicable) and follow the directions for payment. Most often, you will need to mail your completed start card with payment, but sometimes you'll be instructed to seal these items in an envelope and leave it in the Walk Box.