Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, June 28, 2014 Pasadena, Maryland

Officers Present: Bob Schmick, President; Skip Coburn, Vice-President; Ken Wilson, Treasurer; Marie Wiser, Secretary.

Club Delegates and Members: Marie Wiser, Annapolis Amblers; Sue Osborne, Baltimore Walking Club; Bob Wolfe, Freestate Happy Wanderers; Diane White, Seneca Valley Sugarloafers; Sandi Cahill, Wash. D.C.; Bill and Linda Hassell, and Lynne Haffner.

The Meeting was called to order at 12:40 PM by President Bob Schmick who greeted all in attendance.

  1. Minutes of the March 29, 2014 were accepted.
  2. Treasurers Report: Ken Wilson distributed copies of bank balances for April, May and June. Current bank balance is $3,585.40. Ken said we are solvent and our account with Capitol One has a $2,000.00 cap, and he watches that the account does not fall below $2,000. to avoid a $15.00 per month penalty. Ken stated MVA owes AVA $1,100.00 for outstanding bills. Bob requested that Ken pay AVA one-half the amount owed (we have 90 days to pay) and to reimburse $500.00 still remaining for Ken's out of pocket expenditures for walk books. Bob reminded Ken that we will not spend the $1,600 in donations for Steve Arnett until this fall. Bob also reminded club Presidents to order event and new walker packets from Ken. This will keep the inventory to be held in the clubs and not in MVA. Future expenses of MVA will be incurred at the upcoming July 5 Arnett memorial walk. John Carolus will send a bill to Ken for payment of $1.25 per walker, plus the costs of food, and pavilion.
  3. Meet-Up: 501 have signed up to walk. Linda Hassell has devoted much time and effort in getting the word out to folks about walking. Approximately one week before all Maryland walks, these 500 meet up members receive an email informing them of the walk. Linda will give to Ken a $72.00 bill for one-half year of Meet-up membership. Join, no charge, and increase our numbers so other walkers will come to our events and enjoy what we already know about our sport. .
  4. Web Site: Bob reminded folks in addition to support for our website provided by Jim McDonald, Nancy Stenger is backup Web site manager, as well as Rich Long continuing to post walk events for the Atlantic Region for as long as he is up to it.
Old Business
  1. Ron Bowers Memorial Walk: There were 121 walkers for the Ron Bowers Memorial Walk. Bob said many thanks to Tom Jackson for his assistance.
New Business
  1. On July 5, MVA and Annapolis Amblers will host the YRE at Cedarville State Park in memory of Steve Arnett. A pavilion has been rented and there will be a pot luck luncheon. MVA will supply the meat choices, and pay walk fees. Please RSVP to John Carolus at ( Patty Arnett, her children and grandchildren are planning to attend.
  2. Bob said that based on Dennis Michele's statement, "Checkpoint" would be skipped in June and resume in July.
  3. June NEC Meeting: the proposal for an Assistant Regional Director passed. Research will be ongoing for this position. Also, December 13, 2014, at 10:11 am. --- 10-11-12-13-14 is IVV World Walk Day. Annapolis Amblers will host our annual Lighted Boat Parade Walk on 12/13/14 at 10:11 am.
  4. We are saddened by the recent loss of Regional Director Dave Scull. Tom Jackson has submitted his candidacy application, and Bob passed Tom's statement to the group. In Mid-July, there will be an e-ballot sent to folks. The Princeton Area Walkers are tentatively planning a memorial walk for Dave Scull on Sunday, September 14, and the Germanna Volkssport Association is tentatively planning a walk on Saturday, November 1, in Fredericksburg, VA.
  5. Closing Clubs: Piedmont will close December 31, 2014, and World Wide Walking will close June 30, 2014. As WWW President, Sandy Lynch is offering YRE's to other clubs. Annapolis Amblers will take the Arundel Mills YRE; First State Webfooters will take the Bethany YRE, and White Rose will take over the Harper's Ferry YRE. Piedmont YRE's will be taken over as follows: Seneca will take Westminster and Damascus, York White Rose will take Strawberry Hill and Thurmont. Freestate will take Frederick, Sykesville and Mt. Airy.
  6. Group Walks. Bob again encourages clubs to sponsor group walks. It is a good forum to keep your club together.
  7. Facebook. Reminder to post event photos on AVA Facebook page and other walk related activities.
  8. Renewal of YRE's is from July 1 through end of August.
Club Reports
  1. MVA: MVA will host a Memorial Walk for Steve Arnett, July 5, Cedarville (details above).
  2. Annapolis Amblers: Marie Wiser said that in addition to our 25th Anniversary walk in April and today's walk in Downs Park, we will assist MVA with the Steve Arnett memorial Walk on July 5, Oktoberfest Event West Annapolis on September 21, and December 13, Lighted Boat Parade.
  3. Baltimore Walking Club: Sue Osborn said they will host The Battle of Baltimore Walk at Dundalk on September 13.
  4. Freestate: Bob Wolfe thanked everyone for support their 30th Anniversary Walk at Savage. 258 walkers participated. At Indian Head there is water line work ongoing and trail will be open Fridays through Sundays. At the YRE at Wheaton Regional Park, the walk box has been returned to the Visitor Center. September 6 Event at Montpelier Arts Center to honor 9/11 victims. Events on December 31 and January 1, 2015 at Owen Brown.
  5. Piedmont Pacers: October 4 event at Church of Ascension, Germantown, MD.
  6. Washington DC: Sandi Cahill said they are continuing with the evening walk series in Alexandria, with two walks remaining: (no July evening walk) August 25 and September 22, starting at Barrett Branch Library. On September 20, they will host their 35th Anniversary Walk, in Arlington at National Science Bldg. They are the second oldest club in the Atlantic Regional District. Sandi recommends parking across at the shopping center.
  7. Seneca Valley Sugarloafers: Diane White said they are hosting an event on July 12, C & O at Riley's Lock. From October 8 through December 30, seasonal colors and holiday walk in Kensington and on October 25, Kentlandís, and on November 11, the memorial moonlight walk in Gaithersburg.

  8. The Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,

    Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association