Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, October 11, 2014 College Park, Maryland

Officers Present: Regional Director Tom Jackson; Bob Schmick, President; Ken Wilson, Treasurer; Marie Wiser, Secretary.

Club Delegates and Members: Betty Davis, Annapolis Amblers; Sue Osborne, Baltimore Walking Club; Bob Wolfe, Freestate Happy Wanderers; Diane White, Seneca Valley Sugarloafers; Sandi Cahill, Wash. D.C.; Salva Holloman, Greenbelt; Darrell Neily, Freestate and Columbia; Ron Looper, Columbia.

The Meeting was called to order at 12:40 PM by President Bob Schmick who greeted all in attendance.

  1. Minutes of the June 30, 2014 were edited with two changes to Seneca´s walks: Seasonal colors and holiday lights from October 18 through December 30, and Gaithersburg´s memorial moonlight walk is November 11. Minutes were accepted. Bob stated that MVA Meeting minutes will be posted on the MVA website, usually two weeks after the meeting. Any changes may be discussed at the next MVA meeting. A special thank you to our Webmaster, Jim McDonald.

  2. Treasurers Report: Bob told the group that Ken Wilson, Treasurer of the MVA, will retire at the end of this year. We expressed our thanks for Ken´s many years of service. Darrell Neily has stepped up to fill the Treasurer position until the next MVA election, which will be in 2015. Ken distributed copies of bank balances for July, August, September and October. Current bank balance is $2,567. Ken again mentioned that our account with Capitol One has a $2,000.00 cap, and he watches that the account does not fall below $2,000, or we pay a penalty. Also Ken said that Third Quarter reports are due now. Bob explained a few treasury procedures to Darrell, such as MVA receives ten cents per walk from YRE´s and events. Each quarter MVA receives a check from each club for walks. Also checks are payable to MVA ten days after an event. Bob told us that he is reviewing better banking options than those Capitol One currently offers, and plans to check PNC Bank. More information to follow.

  3. Web Master: Currently MVA hosts the websites for six clubs.
Old Business
  1. Facebook: Bob posted a photo of the tree planted on the grounds of Steve Arnett´s home. Reminder to clubs to post information about walks on Facebook. Increasingly, the walking community is utilizing Facebook as a means of promoting our sport.

  2. Meet-UpThe current number is 526. Approximately one week before all Maryland walks, these meet up members receive an email informing them of the walk. Bob Wolfe stated that Freestate has voted to pay the entire $144.00 yearly cost of Meet-Up.
New Business
  1. Tom Jackson, Regional Director. Next weekend, October 17-18, Tom is attending the NEC Meeting in Albany, NY. He will let us know that actions are decided. Any club can propose a suggestion to be discussed at a NEC Meeting. Tom thanked the MVA for sponsoring today´s bike event to honor former Regional Director, Dave Scull. Dave was an avid cyclist and he said that "to bike is fun, to walk is work." Todays walk hosted by the Greenbelt Club also honors Dave, as well as the September 14 walk sponsored by Princeton. On November 1, Germanna Walk Club is hosting a walk in Fredericksburg to honor Dave. This 10K walk will have walkers pass @100 historical markers.

    Tom discussed It´s Time To Walk Day 10-11-12-13-14. There are 65 events scheduled with 35 states participating. This walk on December 13, 2014 is part of AVA´s ongoing effort to get the word out about volksports. AVA has had difficulty obtaining corporate sponsors. This event encourages clubs to post photos on Facebook to further our visibility. There is a special slug available, and Café Press has shirts depicting Time To Walk Day in many styles and sizes for sale. Also, Bob has 25 patches for sale.

    Tom told the group that in addition to his role as Regional Director, he is AVA Chair of the Bike Committee. This is a nationwide responsibility. Bike events are 25K and 13K, or whatever distance folks care to do. Also, there is a move to revive and promote swimming as another volkssport. Clubs are encouraged to look into sanctioning swim events by checking for financial feasibility. AVA credit is given for swim events. Tom told everyone that the 2015 AVA Convention is set for June in Oregon. Reminder to book your hotel room early. Tom mentioned excellent pre-convention walks in Bend, Oregon and post-convention walks in Mt. St. Helens. Be sure to visit the AVA website for 2015 Convention details.

  2. Bob reminded Club Presidents/representatives to forward to their clubs AVA´s "Checkpoint" which contains volkssport information.

  3. Bob told us that AVA Executive Director Stephanie Sinclair resigned. Candidates from the previous ED search will be approached to fill this position.

  4. As noted above in the Treasurer´s Report, after many years of devoted contributions, Ken Wilson is retiring as MVA Treasurer.

  5. The tree has been planted in Steve Arnett´s honor, and our thanks for all the research, pricing, telephone contacting, physical visits to the site, and other efforts contributed by Mike Quinlan. The commemorative plaque is on order. These items were paid for by club donations.

  6. Reminder to complete and turn in your AVA Financial reports and IRS 990-N.

Club Reports
  1. MVA: 1. Bob said as many of you know, Piedmont will cease operations at the end of 2014. With the loss of WWW, this leaves MVA with eight active clubs. Under AVA guidelines, if we fall below six clubs, we are no longer entitled to have a state club.

  2. Annapolis Amblers: Betty Davis said the club will host our 24th Lighted Boat Parade walk on Saturday, December 13, on It´s Time To Walk Day. The walk begins at 10:11 a.m. on 12-13-14.

  3. Baltimore Walking Club: Sue Osborn they will host an Event in DuBurns, date in 2015 to be determined, once the club hears from the manager of DuBurns. Also, Baltimore will not participate in the B´more Health Fair.

  4. Freestate: Events sanctioned on December 31 and January 1, 2015 at Owen Brown. Walkers are encouraged to bring food donations. February 21st walk at Beltsville has been sanctioned, with a Black History Month theme and an Event on April 25 at Montpelier Mansion at the tea festival.

  5. Washington DC: Sandi Cahill said the club has renewed for 2015 the Iwo Jima YRE and the National Mall. Also please join them on December 6 for the Scottish Walk Event beginning at the Barrett Library in Alexandria.

  6. Seneca Valley Sugarloafers: Diane White said the club is hosting from October 18 through December 30, seasonal colors and holiday walk in Kensington. One trail goes to Garrett Park and Rock Creek Park, and another trial passes through neighborhoods to the Mormon Temple, when in December, walkers are treated to holiday lights and an evening music program. October 25, Gaithersburg Event, and on November 8, the memorial moonlight walk in Gaithersburg, Seneca Creek State Park. On January 17, 2015, Cabin John walk sanctioned on the C & O from Carderock to Great Falls. Additionally, Seneca has sanctioned the Damascus and Westminster YRE's.

  7. Greenbelt: Salva said the club will meet in November to plan their holiday get together. There are no walks sanction as yet, however, the club is working on a walk tentatively for August 2015, to honor 'Sir' Ralph Edwards. Salva thanked the group for walking and biking in todays rain.

  8. Columbia: Ron Looper reminded everyone of the Event set for October 18, at Patapsco State Park. Also, Ron said that club President John Dye is recovering from a medical condition and John has received good prognosis. Cards of well wishes may be sent to John Dye, 6887 Garland Lane, Columbia, MD 21045.

Next meeting will be held on December 31, 2014, at Owen Brown.

The Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,
Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association