Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, June 6, 2015 Millersville, Maryland

Officers Present: Bob Schmick, President; Darrell Neily, Treasurer; Marie Wiser, Secretary, Sandy Lynch, Vice President and Phil Wilder, Vice President of Publicity..

Club Delegates and Members: Lourdes Barcelo, Deb Peak, Barry Kane and Trish Nadolny, Annapolis Amblers; Jim Farley and Sue Osborne, Baltimore Walking Club; Bob Wolfe and Tom Mosley, Freestate Happy Wanderers; JCarolyn Thurber, Seneca Valley Sugarloafers;Yvonne Pennington, Greenbelt.

The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by President Bob Schmick and welcome to attendees.

  1. Minutes of the of the March, 2015 MVA Meeting were distributed, approved and accepted. Minutes are posted to the MVA Website usually within one week of the meeting..

  2. Treasurers Report: Darrell Neily, distributed a two page Financial Report - Year to Date. Page 1 lists Assets, Liabilities, Overall Total through June 5, 2015, and Pending Receivables. Page 2 listed Income and Expenses by Category. Total Income: $4,893.28 and total overall Expenses are $3,738.45. Darrell said he will phase out being a "vendor" of walk books, new walker packets, etc. and will deplete the inventory until all supplies are sold. He cannot purchase these any cheaper than individual clubs can.

    Bob asked attendees for a referral to a printer of start cards. Sue Osborn believes she may have an affordable printer and will contact Bob. Bob mentioned that in the future, online registration may be available. He expects to learn more about this at Convention.

  3. Web Master: Currently MVA hosts the websites for six clubs. Bob thanked Jim McDonald for the service he provides. Check the website for lists of events and brochures.

Old Business
  1. Facebook: Reminder to clubs to post information about club events on Facebook.
  2. Meet-Up:The current number is 625. Approximately one week before all Maryland walks, these meet up members receive an email informing them of the walk. Within Meetup, there is a Maryland Walkers page which has a direct application to our clubs and is locally oriented. There are a half dozen walkers with editing privileges to the page, and the ability to post photos of walks.
New Business
  1. New Officers  Bob introduced Sandy Lynch, Vice President and Phill Wilder, Vice President of Publicity, and thanked them for their contributions to MVA.

  2. AVA Convention. Bob will attend the AVA Convention, June 13 - 21. At our next meeting, he will update us with actions taken at Convention. Bob said that recently, votes were cast and AVA will not join the IVV. The votes were as follows:
        Total ballots 201
        Total votes 200
        Yes - join 57
        No - not join 143
    It should be noted that 24 ballots were submitted in error but, except for one, were accepted. These decisions were made by the Executive Director.

  3. 2016 Atlantic Regional Convention March 18 - 20, 2016. At the March, 2015 MVA Meeting, members chose Hagerstown, Maryland as the site of the convention. Bob distributed a 14 page Proposal prepared by the Hagerstown Convention and Visitors Bureau containing information pertinent to the Convention. Bob asked that clubs please choose what tasks they will help with.

  4. The following is a list of tasks:
    1. Brochure -- We need to have the Brochure ready for distribution by this December. Peg Norelius has volunteered to prepare the Brochure.
    2. Conference Registration-- Annapolis Amblers will handle.
    3. Hotel -- Jim Farley will review the hotels listed in the Proposal and do more research on hotel suitability.
    4. Meet ‘n Greet on Friday Night and Banquet on Saturday night. Bob Wolfe said that Linda Hassell and other FHW members will help with these.
    5. Speaker for Saturday. Bob Schmick will handle this.
    6. Walks: Bob will sanction the walks. SVC will handle a local Hagerstown walk, including staffing Start/Finish, checkpoints. Baltimore Club will handle the Antietam walk, which will be available all three days. On Sunday, the walk will be in Shepardstown. Sue Osborn will look for directions for a trail previously walked. Preferably, the walk Starts will be at the Hotel.
    7. Workshops -- We need to work on these and have some input for discussion at our September 12 MVA Meeting.
    8. Atlantic Regional Meeting -- Tom Jackson will handle.
    9. Silent Auction -- Sandy Lynch will head this project. Please ask your club members to assemble items for the auction. Items do not have to be walk related. Please bring the items to the hotel, at which time, Sandy and her helpers will display.

Club Reports
  1. Annapolis Amblers: Marie Wiser said the Amblers will host a walk, bike and swim event on June 27, in St. Michaels. On September 12, there is an Event at Merkel Wildlife. This Event will honor former MVA Vice President Skip Coburn who recently passed away. On September 27, we host an Event at the Oktoberfest in West Annapolis and an Event on December 13, the Lighted Boat Parade in Eastport.

  2. Baltimore Walking Club: Jim Farley stated that Baltimore club will host an event in Forest Hill -- Friends Park on October 3.

  3. Freestate: Bob Wolfe thanked the folks who walked today's (June 6), Event at Kinder Farm Park. At the time our MVA meeting convened, he said there were @160 walkers. Group walks are set for the YRE in Sykesville on August 15; and on September 11, in Laurel. Another Event set in Laurel for October 17, start TBD. Bob mentioned that there is still room for the van trip to Cambridge and Denton, on Sat. June 13. Please contact Lou DeMenna, at

  4. Washington DC: Bob said the evening Alexandria walks are underway, through September. Also sanctioned is the event enabling folks to walk over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on September 19. The Scottish Festival walk Event is set for December 5.

  5. Seneca Valley Sugarloafers: Carolyn Thurber said the club had a successful Event in Westminster on May 2, beginning at the Church start point, and the club has been invited to return next year. Seneca will host a Seasonal event from August 1 through September 30, in Silver Spring/Takoma Park.

  6. Columbia: No representative attending -- please refer to the March, 2015 Minutes on our MVA web.

  7. Greenbelt: Yvonne said that the College Park bike trail is okay to do, however the walk is still unavailable. Salva is working to recreate the trail.

Next meeting will be held on September 12, 2015, 12:30 pm. at Merkle Wildlife.

The Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,
Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association