Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, July 9, 2016 Severna Park, Maryland

The meeting convened at 12:15.

Attending: Bob Schmick, President; Sandy Lynch, Vice President; Marie Wiser, Secretary; and Thomas Jackson, Atlantic Region Director.

Club Representatives: Bety Davis, Annapolis Amblers; Marshall Hansen, Washington D.C.; Pat Astill, Greenbelt; Bob Wolfe, Freestate; Carolyn Thurber, Seneca and Antietam Pathfinders; Frank Kupres, Baltimore.

Guests: Cyndi Kelly, Annapolis; Marie Kupres, Baltimore; and Dave Brown, Liberty Bell.

  1. Greetings: The meeting began at 12:15p.m. and Bob Schmick greeted all in attendance.

  2. Reports:
    1. Minutes: Copies of the April 2016 Minutes were distributed. Marie Wiser said minutes are usually posted to the MVA Website within ten days to two weeks of the meeting. A motion to accept the minutes was proposed and was approved.
    2. Treasurers Report: Bob distributed copies of MVA Treasurer Darrell Neily’s report for FY Ending June 30, 2016, and gave the report on Darrell’s behalf. Darrell is currently travelling. Under the INCOME category, the total of $17,671.50, included the income generated from the successful Regional Conference. The current balance is $6,852.
    3. Web Master: We are hosting 6 clubs. Our deepest thanks to Jim McDonald for his continuing support of our web.
    4. Tom Jackson Regional Director Report:
      1. Tom told the group that you should be renewing your YRE’s for 2017. Our goal is to have the events renewed or new ones added by August 15. That will give Tom and Bob two weeks to approve them and work out any problems. Make sure the street address is complete (St, Rd, Ln, Ave, Way, etc). Identify AVA Special Programs, such as Ice Cream, Underground Railroads, etc. in your “comments.” Times should be when the start point is open, and avoid language such as “dawn to dusk.” Please be specific. Make sure the information is put in the right box.
      2. Quarterly participation reports are due to AVA by July 31. Please make it your goal to submit them by July 20. Tom will ask AVA to identify who has not yet submitted on that date.
      3. The Commendable Service Award replaced the Certificate of Service Award effective June 1. There are no minimum time requirements, and this should be done often. Try to check the participation of club members for extraordinary service/contributions.
      4. AVA Convention in Billings, MT in June 2017. Tom requests club members send him their email addresses so they can be included on “Convention News Emails”.
      5. MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is almost finalized with Navigators USA. The relationship between AVA and Navigators is very similar to the one with the Girl Scouts. Navigators is a coed youth program. There is one Chapter in Maryland which is located in Baltimore. Bob Schmick commented that he has sent several requests to Navigators for a contact person, and to date, is still waiting for a response.
      6. Tom said that there will be an AVA National Program starting in 2018 focusing on the Appalachian Trail. We probably need to have one out and back 10K walk in Maryland. There was a favorable group discussion regarding this. We will have further discussions in future meetings.
      7. NEC Meeting was held June 11-12 in Fredericksburg, TX. Tom said that one measure passed, which states folks are permitted to walk a 5k twice. Clubs would still have to sanction a 10k, however, the goal is flexibility – for example, create a 5k route that is easy and a 5K route that may be more challenging.
    1. Old Business:
      1. Facebook Meet-Up: Meetup is currently 680. Bob reminded Club Presidents to have a member in your club post your events on Facebook.
      2. Hagerstown: Bob expressed a heartfelt Thank You to Carolyn Thurber for her diligence and assistance devoted to helping establish the newest MVA Club, the Antietam Pathfinders. Carolyn and Jone Parr travelled many times to Hagerstown assisting the new club, answering questions, and helping in many facets of this project. Bob handled the administrative requirements in establishing the Antietam Pathfinders: Articles of Incorporation; By Laws; trade mark; tax ID numbers, etc. Club Officers are: Ann Shilling, President; Vice President, Ann Dittrich; Carolyn Thurber, Treasurer, and Jim Neville, Secretary.
      3. Start Cards: There was a general discussion of club usage of the two-part Start Card and/or a print-it-yourself variety. Bob encouraged that there be consistency with start card type usage among all our clubs. However, Frank Kupres, has expended much time and effort in creating Baltimore’s own start cards and Bob said they were welcomed to continue to use them. Bob requested the group take a vote which type should be used. The group voted 5-4 to continue to use the official two-part AVA start card.

    2. New Business:
      1. Welcome Antietam Pathfinders:. Bob said our newest club will host their first event on August 28 in Hagerstown. Clubs-- please encourage your members to help support this event.
      2. YRE’s: Post 2nd Qtr. & Renew for 2017.
      3. Paperwork: Please complete the AVA Fin. Report (Form 102) and IRS 990-N Postcard. Tom Jackson suggested that that there be more than one club officer to have access to the IRS user ID and password on the website.
      4. Request to Club Presidents: Bob asked that Club Presidents please remind your POC’s to walk their trails to check for any changes.
    3. Club Reports:
      1. Annapolis: Betty Davis said on June 18, the club hosted a guided YRE walk at the National Arboretum. Thank you to all who attended. On Sunday, September 25, we will host an Oktoberfest Event, and on December 10, we will host the Lighted Boat Parade event.

      2. Baltimore: Frank Kupres said Baltimore will host the Belair BBQ Bash on August 13. On October 15, the Havre de Grace Octoberfest, and on November 19, Conowingo Dam Event.

      3. Columbia: Bob Schmick said that Columbia will host an event on July 30 at Nightmare Graphics, in Columbia; on August 20, Dorsey Search Village Center, in Ellicott City; and on November 12, at Savage Park.

      4. Washington, D.C.: Marshall Hansen represented the D. C. club. at the meeting. There will not be a July evening walk. There will be an event on July 23 in the Hollin Hills area of southern Alexandria. It starts at Tom Baerwald’s house on Wellington Dr. just off Sherwood Hall Lane. The brochure has been posted on the web site. Remaining evening walks will be August 29 and September 26. Also, the club will sponsor the annual Scottish Festival event on December 3. Marshall stated that the two YRE's--Iwo Jima and D. C. Mall will be available through December 2016, and will not be renewed. Bob asked Club Presidents to inquire among your members to determine whether anyone is willing to take over these two YRE'S.

      5. Greenbelt: Pat Astil said the club had 20 walkers at the club’s first evening walk in June. In keeping with the method used by the D. C. club, walkers on the evening walks will have their books stamped when they register. An additional evening event will be hosted on August 17, and an event on August 27 with two 5k loops. There will be a seasonal swim event available on August 27. Folks will pay $4.00 as a Greenbelt resident for the swim, in addition to the AVA $3.00 fee.

      6. Freestate: Bob Wolfe that the club will be a hosting group walk on July 16 in Bowie. The club had 121 participants for the June 11 walk commemorating the AVA Fortieth Anniversary. Also an event on December 31, at the Fellowship Hall in Savage, and on January 1, at the Faith Center, in Savage.1, the club will host an event in Savage. Bob stated that Brookside Gardens has officially reopened. Please enjoy the YRE there.

      7. Seneca: Carolyn Thurber said that at the June 4 Germantown Event, Montgomery County Cable TV prepared a video on the Sugarloafers. The commentators did extensive interviews with walkers. Many folks answered questions helping to explain “volksmarching.” The network posted a video on YouTube. Here's the link: Seneca Valley Sugarloafers Volksmarch Club Sugarloafers Video. Carolyn said the club is hosting a seasonal event from July 1 – September 30, in Silver Spring and Takoma Park. Also, an event on October 1, in Frederick at the Oktoberfest festival.
      8. Antietam Pathfinders: Carolyn Thurber gave an update on the new club’s progress. They have established a checking account enabling them to enroll members, collect dues. The club will host an event on August 28, the Hagerstown Augustoberfest. Carolyn requested the MVA give a portion of the $1,000.00 donated to the MVA Treasury by the former Piedmont Pacer club specifically designated for new club expenses. To date, as outlined in the current Treasurer Report, $378.00 had been expended on start-up expenses to Antietam. A motion was proposed to give Antietam an additional $300.00. The motion was voted and approved.

      Next MVA Meeting will be on October 15, Havre De Grace, MD at 10 AM in the Library.

      The Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

      Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,
      Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association