Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, October 15, 2016 Havre De Grace, Maryland

The meeting convened at 1:00.

Attending: Bob Schmick, President; Marie Wiser, Secretary; and Darrell Neily, Treasurer.

Club Representatives: Betty Davis, Annapolis Amblers; Sandi Cahill, Washington D.C.; Bob Wolfe, Freestate; Carolyn Thurber, Antietam Pathfinders; Jone Parr, Seneca; Darrell Neily, Columbia.

Guests: Lourdes Barcelo, Annapolis and Mary Wolfe, Freestate.

  1. Greetings: The meeting began at 1:10 p.m. and Bob Schmick greeted all in attendance.

  2. Reports:
    1. Minutes: Copies of the July 2016 Minutes were distributed. Marie Wiser said minutes are usually posted to the MVA Website within ten days to two weeks of the meeting. A motion to accept the minutes was proposed and was approved.

    2. Treasurers Report: Darrell distributed copies of the report for July 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016. Under the INCOME category, the total of $1,429,90, included the income generated from a second and final donation by the Piedmont Pacers. The total assets are $9, 223,11. Darrell told the group that the MVA has opened a Pay Pal account. Fees will be charged MVA if online walks are paid for with credit card. No fee will be charged if a walker pays from his/her own PayPal account. Online start box use will be in effect for all 2017 MVA YREs, including C & O walks and bike events. A PayPal account may also be useful for other Maryland club events with no on-site registration. A motion to accept Darrell’s report was passed.

    3. Web Master: We are hosting 6 clubs. Bob asked each club to ask their members for feedback on updating our website. Our thanks to Jim McDonald for his continuing support of our web site.

    4. Tom Jackson Regional Director Report:
      1. By October 31:
        - AVA must receive the Annual Financial Report
        - The E post card must be filed with the IRS
        - AVA must receive the confirmation that IRS received the E post card.
        - Submit the “Officer Update” on the AVA web site. Include updating the club membership.

        Official date is November 15, but Bob and I need two weeks to follow up with clubs that do not submit.

        If you fail to submit, AVA will not give you Proof of Non-Profit letter, your club will be considered “as not in good standing”, etc.

      2. The Commendable Service Award replaced the Certificate of Service Award effective June 1. I have yet to receive a nomination from any Maryland club. Recognize your club members!

        Don’t forget the Certificate of Appreciation for any businesses that are supporting you (usually hosting a start box for a YRE).

      3. There will be an AVA National Program starting in 2018 focusing on the Appalachian Trail. Participants will be expected to do a volksmarch on the AT in each of the 14 states that the trail goes through. Maryland will be expected to have a YRE or Seasonal Event that is primarily on the AT.

        On Line Start Box and Pay Per Participant Sanctioning can be used.

      4. Several YREs in Pennsylvania and Maryland (Frostburg, Grantsville, and all of the C&O Canal events) will use the On Line Start Box in 2017. As information is put out in Checkpoint and the TAW about using the On Line Start Box, recommend you pay attention to it.

      5. I am the POC for several YREs where I have yet to receive the start card and payment from people who did the walk in the Summer. I need to follow up and remind them to send it in.

        If I am having this problem, you probably are also.

        However, use some judgement. Keep it simple. All you need to say is “I have not yet received your payment for the volksmarch you did on August 1 in Gettysburg, PA.”

        There have been times when Lorraine thought I was sending in the payment and I thought she was sending it in. I have received letters reminding me how important is to be punctual and one implied that I was a dirt bag.

    1. Old Business:
      1. Facebook Meet-Up: Meetup is currently 685. Bob reminded Club Presidents to create a club Facebook page.

      2. Antietam Pathfinders: Antietam Pathfinders hosted their first walk on August 28, 2016. Eighty walkers participated.

    2. New Business:
      1. YRE’s: Please turn in your third quarter reports. Are all bills from AVA paid?

      2. Paperwork: Please complete the AVA Fin. Report (Form 102) and IRS 990-N Postcard. Tom Jackson suggested that that there be more than one club officer to have access to the IRS user ID and password on the website.

      3. Regional Director: Before the AVA Convention in June 2017, we have to choose our new Regional Director. Has your club sent a name to participate on the nominating committee for our new R.D.?

      4. Service Awards: As requested in Tom Jackson’s report above, please send in names for service awards.

      5. Host Additional Events: As of today, we have eleven traditional events sanctioned for 2017. Please discuss hosting additional events with your club members.

      6. 2017 AVA Convention: AVA 2017 Convention in Billings, MT from June 3, 2017 through June 11. There will be only three days of the convention devoted to meetings. Reminder: no walks by any state can be sanctioned from June 3 – 11.

    3. Club Reports:
      1. Antietam Pathfinders: Carolyn Thurber said that eighty walkers participated in the club’s first walk hosted on August 28, 2016. The club focus is concentrated on more walking. The club is getting ready for the January 1, 2017, start date for their first YRE to be held on the Antietam battlefield. The walk box will be available on the porch of Anne Kat Dittrich. Additionally, the club has discussed creating a YRE in Williamsport, Md. Bob requested Carolyn discuss with club members that the club create a website.

      2. Baltimore: Sue Osborn said the club is hosting an event at the Conowingo Dam on November 19. Additionally, they will host an evening walk on December 30 in Hamden, start point at the Rotunda.

      3. Columbia: Darrell Neily said on November 12, the club will host an event at Savage Park trail. The walk has a great view of the river. Note: the following is an email from Columbia President John Dye with updated club information: “Bob, I apologize. I was heading North to Havre de Grace when I got an emergency call from one of my softball site guys who was sick. So I heading back South to replace him for the rest of the day. I did want to bring up at the meeting that the Ellicott City YRE is back. Main Street Ellicott City has been re-opened to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The Ellicott City/Oella has been returned to its original trail. NOTE: Expect continuing construction work on Main Street due to the devastating flooding of July 30, 2016. If you could pass this along to the MVA email group I would appreciate it.”

      4. Washington, D.C.: Sandi Cahill said the club is hosting the Scottish Festival event on December 3. There will be no fees collected for the walk. The event is a “thank you” for your years of supporting the clubs’ events. Sandi said you may have heard talk about the club closing. As of now, there is no closing date. Unless things change dramatically, the closing will be sometime next year. Sandi said there is simply not enough manpower. She thanked Pat Astill and Yvonne Pennington for taking over the YRE at the D.C. Mall and at Iwo Jima for 2017. In the Spring, the club would like to host a Saturday and Sunday event at Great Falls. She will need volunteers from the MVA Clubs to help with this endeavor. This two-day event is still in the planning stages. She needs to speak with U. S. Parks folks. More information will be provided as the event progresses.

      5. Greenbelt: No club member present or written report submitted.

      6. Freestate: Bob Wolfe said the club will host an event on December 31, at the Fellowship Hall in Savage, and on January 1, at the Faith Center, in Savage. To date, events sanctioned for 2017 are April 29, at Montpelier and on June 3, at Kinder Park.

      7. Seneca: Jone Parr said ninety five walkers participated at the October 1 Oktoberfest in Frederick. The club will host a Moonlight walk on November 12 at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg. On January 14, 2017, the club will host an event on the C & O at Carderock. Club President Tony Laing recently hosted a power point presentation on Volkssport activities to Oasis (a center for lifelong learning for seniors). The presentation also showed the cable TV video of the recent Germantown walk. From this power point presentation, the club had nine new members join.

      8. Annapolis: Betty Davis said the club’s final event for the year will be on December 10, the Lighted Boat Parade event, Noon to 5 pm. Start Point at the Annapolis Athletic Club in Eastport.

      Next MVA Meeting will be on December 31, in Savage, MD,  at 1:00 pm at the Church Hall.

      The Meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

      Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,
      Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association