Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, July 1, 2017 Pasadena, Maryland

  1. Greetings:
    1. President Bob Schmick called the meeting to order at 12:35 p.m and everyone identified themselves. Forgive me if I misspelled any names. Some signatures tricky to read!
    2. Attending: Tom Jackson, Outgoing Atlantic Regional Director; Bob Schmick, President; Darrell Neily Treasurer; and Marie Wiser, Secretary.
    3. Club Representatives: Bob Wolfe, Freestate; Jim Farley, Baltimore; Tony Laing, Seneca; Paul Lubell, Columbia; and Deb Peak, Annapolis.
    4. Guests: Jeff Giddings, Seneca; Alice Filemyr, Seneca; Linda and Bill Hassell, Freestate.
  1. Reports:
    1. Minutes: Copies of the April 2017 minutes were distributed. Marie Wiser said that the Minutes are available on the MVA website within @ two weeks after the meeting. The minutes were accepted and approved.

    2. Treasurers Report: Darrell Neily distributed copies of the MVA Income and Expense by Category and Net Worth (Balance Sheet) for FY ending June 30, 2017, covering the last twelve months. Overall total assets: bank--$7,346.97; other assets-- books, etc. $2,063.00. Overall income less expenses were $515.62. (total income $3,268.40 minus total expenses of $2,752.78). Darrell told the group that he will renew all the online start YRE's for next year. Also, there are discussions regarding providing online start registration for a YRE at Salisbury and Crisfield, possibly after January. Tom Jackson commented that some of the criteria for online start is remote location and the inability to find a suitable start point walk box location. With that criteria in mind, Freestate is considering online start for Denton and Mt. Airy. Bob mentioned that clubs should consider pay per participant as an option if your club has a YRE that draws few walkers.
      The treasurers report was accepted and approved.
    3. Web Master: – We are hosting 6 clubs with the expertise of Webmaster Jim McDonald - thank you Jim.
    4. Regional Director Report: Tom Jackson, outgoing RD, filled in for the new Regional Director, Mike Green, who had another commitment and was unable to attend the meeting. Tom presented Bob Schmick with an AVA recognition award. Well done, Bob and thank you for all you do for our sport. Tom commented on the eight-page handout from Mike Green. Tom commented that there is a special program "401K: Invest in your health" This is an internet based program through Walker Tracker where walkers log their volkswalks by kilometers to earn awards for walking 401K in a year. Funding for this program is provided by sponsors. Several pages in the handout detail the objectives/goals of this program. Tom directed the meeting attendees to review Paragraph No. 2 on page one of the handout: "AVA-C” event designations. "C" stands for community, example school groups. These events would be AVA only, not IVV, sanctioned. Community events would be sanctioned in the same way events are currently sanctioned. There are no minimum distance requirements. The handout contains further detailed objectives.

      Tom said Mike plans to focus attention on walk directions.
      Many clubs need to work on clarity of their directions.
      Tom said we will continue to use the current ERS system for sanctioning events. The new ERS system, discussed at the 2017 Convention, will be put into place once it has been thoroughly tested and documented.
      For further information, or club presidents who desire a digital copy of the handout for your club members. please contact Mike Green at".

  1. Old Business:
    1. Facebook Meet-Up: Currently meetup walkers are 902.
    2. Financial Report (Form 102) and IRS 990-N Postcard: They are due by November 2017.
    3. AVA Convention: Tom Jackson gave a descriptive travelogue regarding the great walks that were available in the surrounding areas near Billings, Montana. Also, Tom stated that the AVA convention for 2019 will be in Albany, New York. This location is a bonus for clubs located in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Convention travelers may travel through Rts. 70, 95, 301, and 81 on their way to Albany. Clubs are encouraged to contact Mike Green to designate, describe and promote their YRE walks which are near these routes. The walks then can be included in the Convention pre-registration materials and on the AVA website.
    4. Maryland Online Start Box Events: Maryland has New On Line Start Box events for 2017, C & O & western Maryland.
  1. New Business:
    1. YRE’s:
    2. Sanctions: Sanction new YRE’s and Renewals (Special Programs must be done before Bob Schmick can approve). Due by 8/31/17.
      New Sanctioning web site is in the developmental stage.
  2. Club Reports:

    1. Annapolis Amblers: Deb Peak stated that the Amblers will host an event in Piney Orchard on August 12. Also, September 24, we host our annual Oktoberfest and on December 9, the lighted boat parade event.
    2. Baltimore: Jim Farley said the club will host an event in Belair on September 23; an event in Havre deGrace on October 14; an event at Conowingo on November 18 and an event at Hampden on December 16.
    3. Columbia: Paul Lubell said Columbia will host an event on August 5 at Harper's Choice, an event on September 9, Owen Brown Interfaith Center. This event also celebrates the Dyes' 50th Wedding Anniversary. There will be a party honoring the couple from 10am to Noon. Also, an event on November 4, at Gary Arthur Com. Center.
    4. Washington, D.C.: No representative at this meeting. Bob Schmick said the club will end operations at the end of 2017.
    5. Greenbelt: No representative present. Bob and Marie received an email from Yvonne Pennington who was very sick and unable to attend. Bob said the club is hosting an event on July 19, at the Greenbelt Com. Center; a night walk event on August 16, at the Greenbelt Com. Center; an event on September 20, at Greenbelt Com. Center, and an event on September 2-- more information tbd.
    6. Freestate: Bob Wolfe said the club is hosting an event on August 19, at Savage. Walking Adventures will provide information on their walking tours. A 9/11 Commemorative event, on September 10, High Ridge Park, Laurel. An event on December 31, Faith Ministry Center, Savage.
    7. Seneca: Tony Laing said the club has several seasonal walks: Appalachian trail - Washington Monument-- online registration; Tacoma Park & Silver Spring; and fall colors in Kensington. Upcoming events include: September 30, Oktoberfest, Frederick and October 28, Agricultural History Farm, Derwood.
    8. Antietam Pathfinders: No Representative present, however, Carolyn Thurber provided the following: The club is walking once or twice per month and holding a monthly meeting. Their traditional event will be August 26 at the Augustoberfest in Hagerstown. They currently have one YRE at Antietam Battlefield. Beginning October. 1 they will have a new seasonal in Williamsport.

    Next MVA Meeting will be on October 14, 2017 at the Baltimore Event in Havre De Grace, MD.

    The Meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,
    Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association