Maryland Volkssport Association

Sunday, December 31, 2017 Savage, Maryland

  1. Greetings:
    1. President Bob Schmick called the meeting to order at 12:08 p.m.
    2. Attending: Bob Schmick, President; Jim McDonald, Web Master; Darrell Neily, Treasurer; Sandy Lynch, Vice President; Phill Wilder, Publicity V. President; Marie Wiser, Secretary.
    3. Club Representatives: Bob Wolfe, Freestate; Susan Osborn, representing Baltimore; Carolyn Thurber, representing Seneca Valley and Antietam Pathfinders; John Dye, representing Columbia; and Yvonne Pennington, Greenbelt.
    4. Guests: Melissa Mooney; Pat Astill; Paul Lubell; Jone Parr; and Bill Hassell.
    5. Bob asked the group if anyone had recently talked with Ken Wilson. Jone Parr said she has spoken to him and he is currently residing in the Sunrise Assisted Living facility, in Fox Hill, 8300 Burdette Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817.
  1. Reports:
    1. Minutes:Copies of the October 2017 minutes were distributed. Marie Wiser said that the Minutes are available on the MVA website within ~ two weeks after the meeting. The minutes were accepted and approved.
    2. Treasurers Report: Darrell Neily distributed copies of the MVA Income and Expense by Category by Quarter. Last Quarter 10/1/17 through 12/30/17 Overall total assets: bank--$10,982.78; other assets-- books, etc. $1,895.00. Overall total: $12,877.78.

      Total Income: $3,849.30. Total Expenses: $107.50.

      Please note under expenses the $40.00 Sanctioning fee.

      Seven of MVA’s nine Year-Round Events are Pay Per Participant Sanctioning Fee, so there is no $20 Sanctioning Fee up front. Because of expected low participation, MVA elected to pay a $1 per participant sanctioning fee instead. This option is available to all clubs in such a predicament.

      Darrell told the group that MVA received an extraordinary charitable donation of $3,500.00 from the WDCVA Club.

      In this regard, Darrell said that next quarter, expect to see less income, more spending.

      Darrell told the group that he has heard reluctance from folks to use on-line start. Some reluctance is due to Pay Pal. Darrell and Bob stated Pay Pal is a secure internet payment site. With each $3.00 Pay Pal walk fee, walkers are assessed a $0.49 convenience fee. Also, folks can, in effect, pre-pay blocks of walks, and pay for additional walkers, which reduces the convenience fee.

      The MVA leadership has proposed the following suggestions to best utilize some of the $3,500 donation:
      1. Discontinue assessing clubs ten cents per credit walker.
      2. Provide free start cards to clubs.
      3. Discount sales of New Walker Packets to clubs.

      A general group discussion of each of these proposals ensued. The complete proposal was voted on and passed.

      MVA will eliminate the ten cents per credit walker. However, it was agreed that MVA will collect the ten cents per credit walker through the Fourth Quarter.

      Beginning January 1, 2018, clubs are requested to use official start cards for traditional walk events. However, Clubs may maintain start cards for their YRE's in the manner in which the club(s) currently use. (a few clubs have printed their own copies).

      New Walker Packets will be sold to clubs for $3.00 each.

      Additionally, these reductions in costs to clubs would cease at a time when the MVA treasury drops below $7,000.

      Bob said please have your club place orders for start cards and new walker packets through Darrell, who will have AVA ship the order directly to your club.

      The treasurers report was accepted and approved.

    3. Web Master: – Bob gave a special welcome to Jim McDonald. Jim encourages everyone to send him pertinent information regarding your club activities, events, etc. Website is: Currently, we are hosting 6 clubs. Bob expressed deep appreciation for Jim's contributions.

    4. Regional Director Report - Mike Green".

      NEC approved the “401k for your Health” a way for walkers to track the distance they have walked online with the goal of completing 401 km in a year.

      This is an AVA National program that provides a way for walkers to track the distance they have walked online with the goal of completing 401 km in a year.

      The cost is $18 per person. Payment by PayPal or check is accepted.

      To sign-up, go to the AVA website:; then scroll down to the red 401k logo and follow the signup directions next to the logo. To use PayPal, complete the entry/selections boxes above the 401k login then click on the 401k logo.

      One person can sign-up for (pay for) multiple people, but later the person paying for the accounts must supply a unique email address for each participant they paid for.

      Although this is an AVA national program, anyone can log their kilometers without having walked an AVA sanctioned walk. The 401k site should have an AVA logo on it with a link back to the AVA site to allow walkers to find an AVA walk.

      All clubs should have their 2018 YRE/SE stamps for events that begin in Jan 2018. For 2018 SEs and TEs that begin after January, stamps will be sent later.

      An informational email was sent out to warn folks about how to use the new stamps and get a good stamp imprint inspired by a comment from Bob Schmick.

      Also included in this email was MS word doc file containing a brief statement (authored by my wife, Betty) in a label format that others may wish to adapt to create a label to attach to the 2018 stamp container/bag.

      You are welcome to send your old 2017 stamps and stamp handles to the AVA but it is not required.

      The next AVA NEC/BOD meeting is at an airport hotel in Orlando, FL, Jan 19-21, 2018.

      Atlantic Region Conference planning is well underway according to Conference chair, Bob Wright.

      The brochure for this event will be available any day now. As this brochure becomes available, all club POCs will be emailed a copy. The brochure will also be posted on the Atlantic Region webpage.

      Save the date flyers for the conference were distributed at the Gettysburg and Hershey events as well as being posted on the above webpage.

      The conference was promoted at the Gettysburg dinner, 30th Anniversary dinner for Seneca Valley Sugarloafers Volksmarch Club, and the KSVA meeting in Hershey PA.

      So far, I received very few Atlantic Region VIP award nominations. Please email me the name of the nomination for your club well before the end of January 2018.

      PA Club, Nittany Nomads has closed. The Penn State YREs, sponsored by the Nomads, have been taken over by the Susquehanna Rovers for 2018. The Penn State Fall weekend for 2018 (Oct 19-21, this is the same weekend as the Freedom Walks) will be sponsored by a collaboration of PA clubs.

      The recently started Volkssport club, The Steel Turtles has decided to close down and join forces with the other recently formed Pittsburgh area club, the Mon Valley Trailblazers. All Steel Turtle events (Seasonal Events) will be transferred to the Mon Valley club.
  1. Continuing Business:
            Facebook & Meet-Up: Currently meetup walkers are 961. Linda Hassell posts events on Meetup website. Linda, thank you for continuing to promote our events. Please utilize Facebook to promote your club's activities.
  1. New Business:
    1. See Mike Green's report above for details about tracking your walk activity via "401k."
    2. New stamps for both 2018 YRE and traditional events. See details in the Regional Director’s Report, above. Bob passed to the group copies of CVC Pathways, which contains an excellent explanation of the new stamp.
    3. Bob reminded everyone that if your club has non-earning YRE's, you may want to switch to pay per participant sanction. You pay $2.25 per walker, with no sanction fee charged. In this regard please let Bob and/or Mike Green know if you have any YRE's you want to switch to pay per participant no later than JULY 2018.
    4. Clubs are encouraged to read the AVA Checkpoint.
    5. Atlantic Regional Conference. Dulles, Va. March 16-18, 2018. As mentioned in Mike Green's report above, we await the availability of the Conference Brochure. A "Save the Date" flyer was shown to meeting attendees.
    6. Also, Bob encouraged Club presidents to submit names of VIP nominees to Mike Green before the end of January.

  2. Club Reports:
    1. Annapolis Amblers: Bob Schmick stated that the Amblers’ event on December 9, the lighted boat parade event, was graced with a wintry mix.
      Bob and Rocco Calabrese are working with officials at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) to use the site for an event tentatively to take place in Spring or Summer of 2018.
    2. Baltimore: Susan Osborn said the club has cancelled the YRE at Aberdeen, Belair, Towson and White Marsh. An event is scheduled for March 31, 2018 at Future Care, Canton Harbor, in Baltimore.
    3. Columbia: John Dye said the club will host an event on April 14, at Meadowbrook Park, Columbia.
    4. Washington, D.C.: Bob Schmick said the club has ended operations. We thank the members for their decades of great events and hope to see them on the trail soon.
    5. Greenbelt: Yvonne Pennington said Greenbelt will host a bike and walk event on April 28, 2018, Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, Laurel. Also, evening walks are scheduled for May, June, July and August, at the Greenbelt Community Center.
    6. Freestate: Bob Wolfe thanked folks for braving the cold today and walking Savage. More than 100 walkers walked (as of the time this meeting convened). The event will continue Sunday, January 1, 2018. A banquet for volunteers, also open to non-members, will be held at the Red Hot and Blue restaurant in Laurel on January 14. Freestate will host an event on April 29, at the Fairland Sports and Aquatic Center, Beltsville.
    7. Seneca: Carolyn Thurber reported for Club President Tony Laing as follows.:
      1. Nov 18, 2017 - 30th Anniversary of the Club with two walks and a luncheon at Bauer Drive Rec Center. We honored the charter members and the past presidents. Over 50 people attended including Mike & Betty Green. The celebration was a success.
      2. March 25, 2018 – Annual Club Meeting at Asbury Methodist Village.
      3. April 21, 2018 - Bus trip scheduled for two walks in Harrisburg.
      4. 2018 SVSVC Sanctioned Events:
        1. Jan 13 – Carderock - POC: Jone Parr, Carolyn Thurber, Maribeth Evans. A signup sheet and prepayment envelope were available for folks to register.
        2. Apr 7– Westminster Breakfast – POC – Ward Parr.
        3. Sep 29 – Oktoberfest in Frederick – POC – Jone Parr.
        4. Oct 13 -Muddy Branch Greenway Trail – POC – Jone Parr.
        5. Nov 17 – Underground Railroad at Woodlawn Manor – POCs: Tony Laing & Dave Fenster.
      5. Carolyn told everyone that Alice Filemyr and Jeff Giddings are now members of the AVA IT committee.
      6. Carolyn commented on parks department charging fees to walk clubs for using their facilities for an event. Bob stated these charges vary from county to county. And in some instances, waivers have been obtained.
    8. Antietam Pathfinders: Carolyn Thurber said currently the club is hosting two YRE's: Antietam and Williamsport. The club received a $250.00 donation from the outgoing WDCAVC.

Next MVA Meeting will be April 28, 2018, at the Greenbelt, MD event.

The Meeting was adjourned at 12:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,
Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association