Maryland Volkssport Association

Maryland's State Excerise is walking!

About Us

Our Mission

The Maryland Volkssport Association (MVA) is the official representative within Maryland to the national volkssporting association, American Volkssport Association (AVA). AVA is the U.S. representative to the international volkssporting association, Internationaler Volkssportverband (International Federation of Popular Sports) (IVV).

The primary purpose of the MVA is to promote the continuation and expansion of volkssporting in Maryland. Volkssporting involves sponsoring, promoting, conducting, and participating in sporting events which are non-competitive and family-oriented. These sporting events include walking, biking, swimming, and other seasonal sports.

The MVA works closely with the AVA's Atlantic Region Director to ensure that the rules, regulations and policies of the AVA and IVV are followed by the MVA clubs.

The primary goal of the MVA is to promote volkssporting events by its member clubs. Other goals include:

Association Officers

President - Yvonne Pennington

Vice President - Anne Kat Dittrich

Secretary - Marie Wiser

Treasurer - Kathy Berry