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Maryland's State Excerise is walking!

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The AVA Atlantic Region covers Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. This site shows all events within the region.

The OSB system avoids using the US Postal Service for any aspect of YRE registration, payment and stamping. The liability waiver is signed once on line, then is effective indefinitely for participation in future events. The event registration and payment is done online. Walk instructions and map are downloaded as needed and the event stamp on an insert card are also downloaded when desired.

New to volkssporting? Here you will find information you need to get started. Answers to questions like "What is volkssport?"  Links to public pages (username and password not required) of to search for walks, bikes, swims, other volkssporting events, and contact information for clubs.

Checkpoint - AVA's Monthly Digital Newsletter

IVV-Americas & Oceania is one of three continental associations of the International Federation of Popular Sports, in addition to IVV-Asia and IVV-Europe. IVV-Americas & Oceania operates among the countries of the Americas, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

The IVV is the governing body for volkssport. It is world-wide and is divided into 3 regions; Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Although AVA is not a part of IVV-Americas & Oceania, AVA is a member of IVV.

The IML Walking Association is a non-political, non-profit organisation whose purpose is: