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Maryland's State Excerise is walking!

Washington-Rochambeau Trail in Maryland

Join with the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route, Inc. and America's Walking Club as we explore the sites, history, and especially the physical challenges of the 1781 journey from Rhode Island to the Battle of Yorktown in Virginia. The French army walked back north in 1782.  Locations are associated with this two-year span. 

National Park Service Washington Rochambeau National Historic Trail Marker

 The NATIONAL logbook is available for $15 from

Virginia Volkssport Association
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Walk or cycle one AVA-sanctioned event in each state and Washington, D.C., along the WARO which qualifies for this award program.  Many sites are actually off the National Park Service driving trail.

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Walk or cycle 14 different AVA-sanctioned events in Virginia along the WARO or historically linked to the 1781-83 events in Maryland. 

What Events qualify?

The list is only now being populated to this site as clubs learn about this program and look at their directions to see if they qualify.  Qualifying events do not necessarily go on the current national driving route.  This was a "corridor" of activity for two armies on the march.  There are historic activities that happened between 1781 and 1783 on both sides of the driving route.

"YRE" means "Year-Round Event" with the trail available to do anytime you want.  Start at a physical site or online using the AVA's "Online Start Box."

"TRADITIONAL" means that this is a social festival of walking/cycling where participants gather on one or more days for fellowship and fitness.

Activities are on portions of the actual driving trail, or go by a site specifically mentioned in the W3R website.

Some activities are on the actual 18th century "King's Highway" route.  Here are the states along the trail:

Here is the one link from the master database of the America's Walking Club ( which will earn credit for the national or state WARO walking programs:

The Award for completing the all the events in the National logbook.

This award is a medal shown on the left. You can add your Maryland pin to the lanyard.

The Award for completing the all the events in the Maryland logbook.

This award is a pin of the design shown on the left. You can add this pin to the lanyard of the award shown above.